The RGS Bursary Programme

Unlocking Potential

In recent years, the RGS Bursary Programme has produced a national sporting champion, a professionally recognised and published scientific author, international success on screen, award-winning entrepreneurial flair, a diploma standard musician and our first choral scholarship to the world-renowned Kings College Chapel Choir. 

It is vital – for all of us – that the potential of talented young people is recognised, nurtured and allowed to flourish. We want an RGS education to be available to the brightest boys, irrespective of their financial circumstances.


In 2019/20, we supported 68 boys on bursaries ranging from 10% to 100%. That equates to one in 15 boys, or 7% of the School population.  Over one third of our bursaries were full-fee last year, compared to an independent schools sector average of just 14% (Independent Schools Council Report 17/18).

Last year, we also joined the top 7% of independent schools in terms of expenditure on bursaries, spending over £1m per annum on our means-tested bursary programme.

Without my assisted place, there was no way my family would have been able to afford for me to attend… RGS gave me more than just an education. No door was ever closed and I was encouraged to seek out every available opportunity. This has allowed me to define the person I have grown to become, allowing me to take each step with confidence, knowing that the RGS has prepared me as best as possible for whatever may come my way.

Hussein Hassanali
OG 2002

Hussein has been published over 20 times since graduating from the University of Liverpool in 2009 and was nominated as a finalist in the Best Young Dentist category in the Dentistry Awards 2019.

The future of the RGS Bursary Programme

Our bursaries are allocated on need. This means that while bursary investment grows each year, the number of supported boys can go up or down, dependent on the scale of support required and predicting future numbers is hard. What we do know is that if our Twenty for 2020 bursary campaign is successful, the RGS community will be supporting 20 transformational bursaries by the end of 2020/21. That is in addition to the approximate 45-50 boys supported by the School. The more support we receive, the more we can do.

How are bursaries allocated?

We offer two types of bursary, both rigorously means-tested:

Entrance bursaries for boys entering the School, usually in the 1st form / Year 7. Offered for the full seven years of an RGS education and financially re-assessed each year.

‘Hardship’ / emergency temporary fee assistance for those families who fall into sudden and unexpected financial difficulties. Wherever possible, we ensure that a boy who has started his GCSE or A-level years is able to complete that stage of his education, at the very least.

How are bursaries funded?

Since 2008, we have quadrupled bursary investment, with funding coming from three sources:

– 5% of school fees annually to means-tested bursaries and the cost of fundraising.

– Philanthropy from the RGS community, now funding 20 transformational bursaries (80% fees each).

– RGS Guildford Qatar & other international schools. Funds from RGSG Qatar are currently helping to build our Enduring Bursary Fund and we hope to see that grow considerably in the coming years in order to secure funding in perpetuity. The Headmaster and Governors intend that, wherever possible, income from RGSG in Qatar and future international schools will be invested in widening access to our School.

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The Bursary Programme has enabled our son to be a part of this thriving school community, to be inspired by the ethos and enthusiasm of the teachers, to achieve outstanding academic success, but more importantly to mature into a sensible young adult, confident and ready to pursue the next stage of his life.

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