The RGS Bursary Campaign

Meeting the Need

Our Twenty for 2020 bursary campaign was the first step on our journey to full merit-based open access, completed in June 2021.

Together, you created 20 transformational (80%+) means-tested bursary places. Now the journey continues …

Our long-term funding plan

Our donor numbers have grown by over 650% in recent years as more and more members of the RGS community engage with our vision for the future of our School and join us on the journey.

Our future funding plan for full merit-based open access is four-fold. In addition to the School’s existing commitment to bursaries and the development of our philanthropic culture, we have created an endowment-style fund – the Enduring Bursary Fund. We also hope to see the success of our international schools in Qatar and Dubai contributing to our widening access agenda.

The Enduring Bursary Fund

As part of our Twenty for 2020 campaign, we created the Enduring Bursary Fund – to operate like an endowment. By the end of 2021, we confidently expect to have raised our first £1,000,000. To secure support for 1 in 5 boys as part of a range of income streams, we believe it will need to grow to today’s equivalent of £20 million, funded with legacies, capital gifts and income from potential international school partners.

International Schools

In 2016, RGSG Qatar opened and funded the equivalent of one full bursary. We expect this to grow considerably in the future and, in the coming years, we hope that future RGS international school partnerships will do the same and more.

The Chinese philosopher, Laozi, said: A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Our Twenty for 2020 campaign was exactly that. 

To achieve full merit-based open access is a long-term aspiration; but the recent engagement, participation and generosity of the RGS community gives us the confidence that this is a journey we can make together. 

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Your gift will help us to open doors to opportunity for bright local boys.
Will you join us?

The RGS gave me a free education that provided the platform to build a successful career. I am delighted to make a gift that will open the door to deserving boys so that they can make the most of their talents.

Neil FitzsimmonsOG ’77 & Twenty for 2020 supporter

Pass it On: Meeting the Need
The RGS bursary campaign

Today, one in 15 boys receive support. Our ambition is one in five. Your gift will help us on our journey to full merit-based open access.