Pass it On

Our Vision

My belief is that education is worth little if it only teaches how to make a living rather than how to make a life. 


In 2016, I stated my ambition that RGS be needs-blind within a generation. It is a bold aspiration. We are one of only a handful of this country’s independent schools to have set such a goal.

With the support of our community and income from our growing family of international schools, we now believe this will be possible within 20 years.

So why needs-blind?

We live in an increasingly globalised society. We are more closely linked to our world neighbours economically, socially and environmentally than at any other time in human history. Our children are facing global challenges that will demand the brightest minds and the strongest problem-solving teams to create collaborative and inspired solutions. Despite quadrupling our investment in bursaries since 2008, each year I have been forced to turn away boys with the intellectual curiosity and creativity to be these problem-solvers of the future; boys who have earnt their RGS places, but lack only the funds to take them up. Together, we can ensure that every bright, local boy who earns his place can take it up. 

What now?

Now we are expanding our focus; reaching out further into our community, developing pathways for boys with potential, from all financial backgrounds, to access our School and to ensure that our bursary programme is fully recognised and celebrated. Our work has now been recognised nationally. In 2020, we reached the finals of the National Social Mobility Awards for School/College of the Year.

Together with our bursary campaign, these activities are what make up Pass it On. They are the first steps to full merit-based open access.

Now we would like to invite you to join us on the journey.