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The RGS Bursary Campaign

Meeting the Need

You, the RGS community are now funding 20 transformational bursary places, but the journey continues … 

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Giving opportunities

Our campaign is based on regular giving – committed pledges of support into the future. This kind of giving is vital for bursaries; with income we can rely on each year, we can commit to supporting boys throughout their RGS education. It means we can use the funds we have for the boys who need it. Without committed regular support, we are faced with having to turn boys away whilst holding significant funds in reserve. 

Friends of the RGS

Our Friends are at the heart of the RGS, offering support where it is needed most, sharing our success and helping to open the door to a new generation of the brightest RGS boys. The support of our Friends ranges from £5 to £1509 per annum, made as monthly or annual gifts.

Old Guildfordian: Class of... Bursaries

In September 2018, the Class of ‘87 Bursary Scholar started at the RGS on an 80% bursary funded by 28 members of the Class of ‘87. Their monthly gifts – from £10pcm to £120pcm – pledged over seven years, will see this young man through his entire RGS education.

If you would like to pass on your RGS experience with your friends and peers, get in touch.

Graduating pupils: Class of... Bursaries

The Class of 2020 created an inflation-proofed 30% bursary to take a boy through his entire RGS education. They followed in the footsteps of the Classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019. The Classes of 2021 and 2022 have already started fundraising.

Seven for Seven is a way for the families of each graduating year group to hold open the door for another RGS boy, through the creation of a new bursary named for their class. It’s simple – a gift of just £7 a month for seven years. In seven years’ time, we ask the boys of that class to take over their family gifts from their parents to enable their Class of… Bursary to help another bright local boy.

Legacies, in memoriam and one-off gifts

Regular or lifetime giving isn’t an option for everyone. Our Enduring Bursary Fund is an endowment-style fund, created specifically to build capital in order to endow bursaries in perpetuity. One-off gifts of any and every size are welcome, as are legacies and in memoriam gifts. Legacy pledgers are also invited to join our Beckingham Legacy Society, named in honour of our Founder.

Our campaign also includes three additional giving opportunities:

  • 1509 Circle = 10% of a bursary
  • Patron = 1/3 of a bursary
  • King’s Benefactor = 100% bursary

If you would like to find out more about any of our campaign giving opportunities or explore a different way of supporting, please contact Monica Popa, Development Director.

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Your gift will help us to open doors to opportunity for bright local boys.
Will you join us?

I’m totally behind this initiative because I believe strongly that boys brought up in Guildford should have the chance, if able enough, to attend an excellent school like RGS Guildford, regardless of their parents’ means.

Anisch Bakrania (OG 1987-92)RGS Foundation Board Trustee

Unlocking Potential:
The RGS bursary programme

Offering means-tested fee assistance to bright boys, from all sections of our community, to help realise their potential.