Pass It On

The Journey

“We fervently desire for that time in the future when an RGS education is available to everyone and we have taken some significant steps over the past few years to reach that goal.”

Headmaster’s Address, Prizegiving 2018


Over the last decade, we have worked hard to widen access to our School: over 176 schools are now represented at the RGS, with nearly 40% of pupils joining us from the state sector.  Since 2008, we have nearly quadrupled our financial commitment to the RGS bursary programme and increased the number of boys receiving support by 88%.

Our ambition is full merit-based open access: when every bright local boy who earns his place can take it up. Our goal is to triple the number of boys receiving means-tested support from one in 15 to one in five.

To do this, we are working with the RGS community to fund new bursaries and with our local community to create new pathways into our school. This is an exciting time, this is Pass it On.


The RGS Pathways Project

Working with local primary schools and parents to increase awareness and opportunity about our bursary programme and the inclusivity and accessibility of our School.


The RGS Bursary Programme

Offering means-tested fee assistance to bright boys, from all sections of our community, to help realise their potential.

Meeting the Need

The RGS Bursary Campaign

Our Twenty for 2020 Bursary Campaign, completed in June 2021, was our first step to full merit-based open access – when every bright boy who earns his place can take it up, irrespective of his financial circumstances. The journey continues …


The RGS Partnerships Programme

Sharing our skills and experience with, and learning from, our communities – locally, nationally and internationally.